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We are a 12-volt automotive facility that provides many services from any basic stereo installation to high end custom car audio. We provide many services other than just simply car audio. Down below are a few of the services that we offer, but if you have any questions please contact us directly at the phone number or email address provided on the home page. Also, please check out our photo gallery to visually see what we have worked on in the past, all vehicle types such as boats, classic cars, golf carts, semi-trucks, water toys, off road vehicles, and even motorcycles.



One of our main services that we provide is custom car audio and video, however we do also do basic speaker and stereo replacement. We ensure that every guests gets the best "bang for their buck" when it comes to integrating a better sound system into your vehicle. Also, if you would like to add a DVD player or even add a screen, we can make sure you get what you're looking for. Our main focus is to ensure that the guest gets exactly what they've come in for and if possible we do a little bit extra to ensure customer satisfaction.



Another service we provide is 12 volt automotive and electrical repair, we have fixed very basic issues such as fixing a headlight that is inoperable, however we have done a full rewire on a vehicle. Vehicles will show up on a truck that have not ran for over 10 years, in one month we had the same vehicle on the road; still the vehicle is driven every day and each function of the vehicle works, such as the lights, the instrument cluster and everything you can think of.



We do offer to integrate automotive security into your vehicle. We work with products such as Viper where we can add a whole alarm system that can protect your vehicle. We do basic alarms that arm and disarm the vehicle through a control, however we also do remote start where you can warm your car up in the morning before work and even control it from your smartphone.



Suspension modification is another service that we provide, we have done suspension lifts, suspension lowering, and even integrated airbags on a golf cart. Anything that seems impossible for any other facility, we will do anything possible to give the guest exactly what he or she is looking for.



One thing we do specialize in is custom fabrication and modification to your vehicle. We offer to not only make sure that you have good sound, but we also make sure that whatever we install, make sure to look as if that is how the vehicle came factory. We do ensure that everything is serviceable, and we also ensure that whatever was modified, compliments the vehicle.



We have in the past and still continue to integrate power door locks and windows to older model vehicles that never had power door locks nor windows. We have also fixed ones that are broken and need a quick fix. Depending on what you are looking to do we will assure that your power door locks and windows are operating as they are meant to do.



We do also interior lighting if you would like to customize certain lights, also exterior lighting. We can add HID's, LED's to any part of your vehicle. Plus, if you already have the lighting and it is not working, we are able to diagnosis the problem and fix it if necessary. If you'd like to add an LED bar or any sort of lighting to the exterior of your vehicle contact us and we will take care of it immediately.



Is your headliner falling on your head? Do your seats look terrible with all the rips and tears from over the years? We offer to replace the interior completely or just the one part that looks terrible. However, we also can add anything that you'd like for example, in the past we have added a center console to vehicles that never had one. Please contact us with the phone number provided or the email and we can give you more information.



We offer one or two-seat car tuning to adjust the image of the sound playing out of your vehicle. We like to give guests the best sound quality for your in-car audio entertainment. We use special tools to tune your vehicle, such as RTA, oscilloscope, AudioFrog headrest microphone, polarity tester, multimeters, and DD1 distortion detectors. All of our employees are trained to tune a vehicle. This will give you a full experience to where you can feel as if you are at a concert RIGHT INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE!

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